LohiJurmu Ltd. is located in municipality Rautalampi, in eastern Finland. The products of the company are lures, mostly wobblers. They are carefully handmade and the quality of finishing is excellent.


Cooperation with a large amount of passionate fishermen, as well with women as men, has been fertile. We have combined our own knowledge with their experience and opinions. This is how the best possible lures have been developed for different species of fish.


Decades lasting experiences in rivers Tana, Tornio, Namsen and Näätämö have given us a strong knowledge of the optimal  shape and colors of a perfect wobbler for salmon. According to the same kind of experiences from the lakesides have the big wobblers for pike-perch and small ones for whitefish and perch and also “Karviainen” developed.


This experience we like to divide with You so that you can enjoy the fishing and excellent moments in the nature!




Hotta is our smallest wobbler. The length of Hotta is 38 mm. The shape of Hotta imitates the shape of a roach fry and is thereby very suitable for fishing whitefish, grayling, perch, trout, brown trout and rainbow trout from lakes and rivers. It is very light and floating. The swimming depth is about 0.1 m.


Due to very steady and attractive swimming Hotta in absolutely the UL-fisherman’s standard lure. It can also be equipped by a weighted hook and thereby used also as a jig. Equipped like that it swims surprisingly well.


Hotta wobblers have won several UL-series fishing competitions.


"When Hotta has been properly tuned it is the best UL-lure for all fish catching by row-boat."

Erä magazine 5/97

Be familiar with Hotta

H01 Mika Special

H03 31 Ahven

H04 28

H02 Raatokärpänen

H05 Punapilkku

H06 109

H07 1

H08 Usva

H09 50

H10 33

H11 66

H12 40

H13 64

H15 34

H16 36

H14 Hilemusta

H17 41

H18 Pinkki

H19 32

H20 Punapää

H21 37

H22 Savukoski

H23 35

H24 Pajala

H26 Keltamaha

H27 Keltiäinen

H28 Kultapilkku

H25 54

H29 75


Jurmu 78 was the first primary Jurmu wobbler. As a unique three dimensional side shape wobbler Jurmu had to bear and tolerate the suspiciousness of the old wobbler fishermens’ attitudes. Despite of the prejudice, Jurmu has won the place among one of the most successful wobblers.


Sensitive functioning and good swimming stability even in rapid boat speed and hard stream is based on the special weight behind the swimming plate. The grooved sides of the wobbler give very living effect which induce the fish to catch. In the first place, Jurmu was developed to catch salmon and trout. Anyhow, Jurmu has proved to be very an effective lure for all fish of prey as well in lakes and seas as in rivers.


The original length of Jurmu is 78 mm. Nowadays, also shorter Jurmu 68 mm is available. The choice between 78 and 68 mm depends on the fishing conditions and the fondness of the fisherman.



Jurmu is an all-around wobbler for all fish of prey. The original length of Jurmu is 78 mm. Nowadays, also shorter Jurmu 68 mm is available.

Be familiar with Jurmu

J01 Tiikeri

J02 Pajala

J03 Katka

J04 101

J05 Teurastaja

J06 Otto

J07 Pinkki

J08 Ahven

J09 Ambulanssi

J10 Tulitiikeri

J11 Finlandia

J12 Kommunisti

J13 Kultakala

J14 Kultakala II

J15 Usvan Kojamo

J16 Piltamo

J17 Mika Special

J18 Veksi

J19 Oranki

J20 Verinen

J21 Värem

J22 Vitonen

J23 Punamaha

J24 Punaselkä

J25 54

J26 56

J27 Väärä Vitonen

J28 Raatokärpänen


Ukko-Jurmu is the biggest LohiJurmu production wobbler.  The length is 130 mm. This size has proved to be optimal for pike-perch and salmon on the lakes. Ukko-Jurmu has been designed especially for big fish of prey. Also Ukko-Jurmu has grooved sides which gives very living effect and induce the fish to catch.


The nutriment of  pike-perch and salmon is mainly small fish of shoals. The swimming of Ukko-Jurmu is very similar to those small fish. In Russia in the lake Onega Ukko-Jurmu is famous for an excellent wobber for lake salmon.


The swimming depth of the Ukko-Jurmu is about 1,5-2,5 m depending on the trolling speed and the length of used fishing line. The best rolling speed for pike-perch is about 3,5 km/h and for lake salmon about 4,5 - 5,5 km/h.



Ukko-Jurmu is the best wobbler

for pike-perch and lake salmon.

Be familiar with Ukko-Jurmu

UJ01 Peuran yö

UJ02 110

UJ03 Kuhankeittäjä

UJ04 79

UJ05 Rautu

UJ06 11

UJ07 86

UJ08 75

UJ09 Verkkoselkä

UJ10 Rubiini

UJ11 Appelsiinitiikeri

UJ12 Pinkki

UJ13 Kultakala

UJ14 Savukala

UJ15 Ametisti

UJ16 Belgian lippu

UJ17 Vesijärvi

UJ18 Rusko

UJ19 Keltakuume

UJ20 Mika Special

UJ21 51

UJ22 54

UJ23 Oranki

UJ24 62

UJ25 77

UJ26 Usvan Kojamo

UJ27 Katka

UJ28 Keltapinkki

UJ29 Pinkkimusta

UJ30 Punamaha

UJ31 Raatokärpänen

UJ32 Rappari

UJ33 Reksi

UJ34 Salama

UJ35 Kaappari


Karviainen has taken a strong position among the ice fishing competitors as well as among fishing amateurs. Karviainen has clearly some special features which awake the interest of fish.


Mostly, Karviainen is used together with traditional ice jig. The line between the jig and Karviainen can be from 4-5 cm to even 10 cm. Karviainen is suitable for all kind of fish which are caught by different kind of jigs.


If the fish are not hungry you can try only Karviainen without any jig. That is also effective when trying to catch rainbow trout or whitefish.


The effectiveness of Karviainen is based on the fur used to cover part of the lure. The movements under water are therefore more sedate than without the fur cover. Also, the fur absorbs the natural taste and smell from the bait which is used in the hook of Karviainen.


Karviainen can also be used in the summertime while jig fishing from boat. In summertime, the catch can be much bigger than in winter jigging. Therefore, also bigger size of Karvainen is recommended to use in summer than in winter. As a bait in winter mostly used are maggot of a fly or larva of a nymph. In summer while bigger hooks are used also earthworms are effective baits.





Karviainen is effective for fish of prey: perch, whitefish, rainbow trout, grayling, trout

and arctic char.


Karviainen is available in four hook sizes:

8: 20 mm | 10: 18 mm | 12: 16 mm | 14: 14mm

Be familiar with Karviainen

K01 Keltainen

K02 Keltaoranssi

K03 Musta

K04 Oranssinvihreä

K05 Pinkki

K06 Porkkana

K07 Punainen

K08 Punamusta

K09 Punaoranssi

K10 Sinipunainen

K11 Sininen

K12 Vihreä

K13 Violetti

K14 Kokopunainen

K15 Punavalkoinen


We deliver the products via post and cargo. Orders can be made by

e-mail. The invoice is sent to the customer before delivering the products.


Additional information about orders, please contact:

puh. +358 45 894 2055

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Jurmu 68mm ja 78mm 17,50 €

Ukko-Jurmu 15,00 € (Out of stock)

Kalaja 24,00 €o (Out of stock)

Karviainen (Out of stock)


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